iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S

The key features of this new model:

  1. It’s a worldphone

  2. Siri

  3. 8MP Camera

With the release of the worldphone, Apple no longer needs to develop separate GSM and CDMA devices.  The issue remains whether or not the USA carriers will allow their customers to go overseas and plug in a SIM card from another carrier (i.e. unlocked).  In an article I was reading, one of the journalists who attended the event on the 4th asked Apple and the response they got was “it’s up to the carriers.”  Knowing the way things work in the USA, I doubt the carriers will allow that to happen without requesting the phone be unlocked. I hope that carries will allow the phone to use another sim card.

Siri adds a neat voice activated feature to the iPhone4S, though the technology isn’t something that new…I’ve been dictating emails, text messages, and creating calendar entries on my Android phone for some time now.  The only feature that I don’t have is the ability to invite or reschedule via voice.  IMO Apple should have made this an offering that is included in the iOS5 release, and I have a feeling they’ll bundle it with the iOS after the iPhone4S users have at it exclusively for a period of time.

8 MP Camera

The 8 MP Camera is a great add on to the iPhone 4s. It has a camera better than most digital camera. This will probably get users to get the new iPhone 4s.

Are you going to get the new iPhone?



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