Apple TV 3 Review

Apple TV 3 Review

If you have bought into the Apple iOS ecosystem, the AppleTV is a flexible and useful addition. Snap a picture on your iPhone and it will be in the PhotoStream screen saver on your TV within minutes. Want to play some music from your iPad with the good speakers in your TV room, choose the AppleTV Airplay output and hit play. Have an hilarious YouTube video you want to share, Airplay it on the big screen. Want to play that blockbuster iOS game in the large, there it is screen shared in all its glory.

If you haven’t gotten into all things Apple, then you have a set top box with a first class Netflix player, HD movies for rent or purchase, and a smattering of other sources. All in an energy efficient, streamlined little box.

Other than the support for 1080p and a faster processor–the previous generation used an A4, this one uses an A5–the hardware appears to be exactly the same. Same ridiculously plain yet amazingly crafted remote, same energy efficiency, same HDMI output paired with TOSLink. If you are thinking of replacing a last generation AppleTV with this one, it isn’t worth the money.

Apple has recently updated the interface, making it more iPhone like in its theme, and there is hope that someday they might open an App store for the device. In the meantime, it’s attractive and smooth, and reasonably easy to navigate.

In summary, an Apple Tv is a must have, to get the most out of your iOS devices, and otherwise a competitive set top box if all you do is watch Netflix and rent the occasional movie.

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