MacBook Pro 15″ 2012 Retina Review

MacBook Pro 15″ 2012 Retina Review

For me, it wasn’t much of a step up when I got this new 2012 model. I already had 16GB of RAM in my late 2011 model MBP, I already had a 512GB SSD drive in it. I was used to the speed, and it did everything I needed to very well. But I was intrigued by the higher resolution offered with the retina display. I do a LOT of video work in Final Cut Pro, and being able to have a 2880×1800 screen was too tempting to pass up.¬†Of course, it turns out that OS X can’t run at 2880×1800. Highest it can do is 1900×1200. Which, granted, is STILL a huge leap over the 1440×900 that the previous 15″ could do, and still gave me more real estate for my video edits.

The thinness and over a pound difference from last year’s model would be very useful for me as well since I take mine everywhere. And the lesser weight is noticeable as well for someone used to the “normal” macbook pro. The keyboard is pretty much the same, feels like they are a little more shallow throw though, there’s a slightly different feel to them.

So far the apps I use with the Retina display actually look fine. I don’t use Chrome, so I haven’t seen that “horrible” experience people have reviewed about third party apps on the retina. I do have Office 2011 for the mac on here, and it looks fine as well. Lots of other programs, and so far I haven’t seen anything that made me cringe or even notice anything lacking.

The speakers are actually amazing – I was so used to the horrible speakers on my MacBooks that I never even thought of seeing if these “better” ones were really any better until a few days after I had it. I noticed even the apple chime at boot sounded a bit deeper, but it wasn’t until I threw some MP3’s in iTunes and played them that I got to experience the full sound they can do, and it’s amazing.

I have yet to hear the fan at all. But I am still finishing getting everything moved over here from my old SSD, so there are some things that would jump the temp up to 200 right away that haven’t been ran. I’m sure it’ll be noticeable when it cranks up, but even at the normal ranges that I’m used to, with standard operation, there is a difference. It’s just quieter.

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