iPad Mini AT&T LTE, Zagg HD, and Apple Smart Cover Review

iPad Mini AT&T LTE, Zagg HD, and Apple Smart Cover Review

iPad Mini Review:

The good:

The size of the mini is just short of an inch wider than the typical competitor. You might not think this is much, but seriously, it is. In addition, the Mini is just wonderfully light and easy to hold.

The screen is comfortably bright, and the battery life seems to last quite well, even if brightened up a bit. No complaints there.

The bad:

That same screen, as others have said, suffers from its low resolution. Had this tablet come out a year ago, it would have been earth-shattering. Now, when other offerings from Android are coming out with far better resolutions, it’s just meh (the Apple Mini’s contrast and color are still superior to the Nexus 7 by far, though). If you are someone coming from an I-pad 2, you won’t care about the resolution so much. For everyone else who is used to I-phones with substantially smaller, yet sharper resolutions, you will notice the difference.

Video Review:

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