LaCie 5big NAS Pro Review 10TB

LaCie 5big NAS Pro Review 10TB

The LaCie 5big NAS Pro, is a high performing NAS with speeds up to 200MB/s. It was introduced earlier in CES this year, with availability in three options, diskless, 10TB, and 20TB. We got the 10TB LaCie NAS. The NAS comes with 5 2TB Hard Drives, it is preloaded with LaCie’s simple raid, therefore if a hard drive fails the data is safe. However in simple raid the read and write speed is about 100MB/s. To conclude, the 5big NAS Pro isn’t the most feature-rich five-bay NAS server on the market, but it more than makes up for that with its excellent design and superfast performance. Its ease of use doesn’t hurt, either.

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