Thecus N2310 Review

Thecus N2310 Review

The Thecus N2310 is a well valued entry-level NAS, loaded with features that is simple to use and install. The NAS is equipped with the latest and greatest, hardware and software components. It includes 512MB of DDR3 RAM, a USB 3.0 and 2.0 port, and features a dual bay enclosure for any SATA HDD.

Thecus Box

The box includes the NAS itself, a AC power adapter and cord, RJ-45 LAN cable, quick install guide, and a CD. The main features include, mobile access (iOS or Android), photo server, media streaming, cloud service backup, download server, and a personal cloud.

Thecus & Hard-Drive

Keep in mind, the NAS does not include hard-drives, however SATA hard-drives are cheap and easy to install. The low cost of the NAS makes up for the missing hard drives. We installed a 3.5″ 7200RPM Seagate hard drive.

After booting up the NAS, and following the simple onscreen step by step instructions, the NAS was accessible using a web browser.

Thecus Web Panel

The simple online dashboard, allows custom configuration of the NAS. Ranging from a simple password adjustment to a advance RAID setup. The NAS supports port forwarding, which provides the ability to access the NAS files from anywhere with internet access.

Thecus N2310 Speed Test

Running on RAID 0, the NAS provided excellent performance. With 87MB/S Read and 82MB/S Write.

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